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            Login or Register to your Video Channel

            Webcastcloud Video Channel's are a dedicated video website for organizations to host their conferences, events, meetings, trainings and other videos.

            Videos can be available for Free to View, Pay-Per-View, Secure/Locked to specific audiences, and discounted prices to members/delegates.

            You will need to create a User Account to watch or purchase videos.

            Please follow the instructions below to create an account:

            Step by step instructions

            1. Browse to the homepage of your Video Channel

            webcastcloud host numerous video websites, so if you are unsure of the website address, please contact the organization or refer to any email marketing received.

            2. If you’re a first time user, you will need to Register an account (Click on 'Register in the top right menu)

            Please register with your email address linked to your membership or marketing communications. This will ensure correct access to videos is provided.

            If you’re a returning user and already have an account you can Login with your email address and password.

            You can use the password reset link on the Login form if you have forgotten your password. Please check your Junk Mail if you have not received your reset email.


            3. Once you have logged in or registered, you will be directed back to the video channel homepage.  Simply click ‘Watch Now’ or 'Play' to view the videos available to you.

            If you see a video for purchase, and you believe you should have free access to view the video, please contact the organisation who owns video channel owner as a first port of call, as we will need their permission to approve your free access.

            Alternatively you can create a new support ticket with us here: https://support.webcastcloud.com.au/portal/newticket

            For instructions to purchase a video, please click here:


            Updated: 17 Jun 2018 09:32 AM
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